Artist as Scavenger.


    Confessions of a Mixed Media Artist.

    As a mixed media artist, I'm on the lookout for whatever I can use in an artwork. So, I naturally am looking down, on the ground, or sorry to say, IN THE GUTTER. In my travels, I've been known to find some pretty cool stuff...sometimes even valuable. Maybe there's more...so, I keep looking. I admit, its a compulsion. I'm going to start posting some of my everyday finds. 

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    Right. When I'm not scrounging around, looking for bling, I'm drawing (I love drawing from the figure); working in the studio; or doing art sessions in the community. This month I am doing an artist residency with a group of senior adults. We'll be doing more drawing at Brookside Gardens and also at the Woodend Mansion at the Audubon Naturalist Society.

    We finished our drawing sessions earlier this week. Very nice for the senior adults to sketch in the greehouses. "It was relaxing," said one participant. Beautiful flowers, definitely peaceful. 3/1/2014.


    I really should be doing my taxes. Would love to get that out of the way. Right now I'm about halfway done getting my stuff in order. Well, I've tabled that for now.


    2/13/2014 My plan for the snow....do my taxes. Won't be finding any bling w/12" of snow on the ground, I don't think...


    3/1/2014. Hey, I finished getting all my stuff together for taxes...(two businesses and home...a big deal for me.) GO ME! Life Drawing in am, and then fun trip to DC. Rigel and I both love the cookies at Teaism. Daisy joined us and showed off her handmade crocheted sweater. Rigel even was looking for bling. Later, at home i thought I found another pearl..Rigel said, "Its not bling if you find it in your house." I guess he's right..


    3/3/2014. Dave just told me the pearl earring I found in Dupont Circle on SAT is real. I don't know the value...I should probably call this site "LOST & FOUND." May use this 'snow day' to clean my studio/office at home and prep for art session w/seniors; and enter shows...or strategically contemplate entries. Just doing a little research about an exhibit in NYC and found out it was a vanity gallery. Note to other artists: Do your research! Just a little time may save you $ and wasted effort.


    3/12/2014. Long time no bling. Well, FINALLY, found some bling...i thought the skateboard was pretty cool. Its about 2 1/2" long.


    4/20/2014 Long time no bling. I'm behind on my bling, so I just uploaded bling from the past two weeks. The comb and the cell phone were both used this week by children in the Spring Break Art Camp (in personal mixed media containers- boxes.) Nice to walk around the Tidal Basin and visit more National Monuments with my friends Karen and Gerard visiting from California (4/17). Disappointed that we were too late for the cherry blossoms, but it was nice to stroll around the area. First time for me and for my friends to visit the Lincoln Memorial, FDR Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. Lots of walking, and just a little bling.


    5/8/2014. Bling'n right along. I just uploaded three items. One may be valuable, or at least has sentimental value. I'm going to try to find the owner. I started two artist residencies this past week. One with a youth group and another at an adult day center for adults struggling with mental illness. We're focusing on drawing, and the adults will be going on three outings for plein air drawing and watercolor painting. Have been working on my lesson plans for teaching at two different Summer Art Camps in Colleges. Off to the studio! Ltr.


    7/2/2014. Where have I been blingn?

    i guess not anything worth blingn about. Today was day three of my Camp/Art class at the Corcoran- with a focus on the metal sculptor Albert Paley. We did some sketching yesterday at the U.S. Botanic Gardens and today viewed the Paley exhibit. We started our sculptures today and I brought on d'bling.


    9/22/2014. Blingn it back. Wow, so long since I've written. I just uploaded a few images. The mushroom, although in the right spot for a mushroom was NOT a mushroom. It was a toilet bowl brush. You wonder how it got there. So colorful too. I guess seeing the bracelet in the Target parking lot made me get back on the bling blog. Back to Target--- I had some time to kill so I decided to get an early flu shot. Very nice that it was covered by insurance for the first time! Staff at the clinic were great. It really didn't hurt (much.) I'd recommend going to the Cherry Hill Road Target in Silver Spring. I am working on a painting now with a good bita' bling. Round pieces like coins and all in an arc. I will post it when its done.


    12/16/2014. Long time no Bling. Well, I probably have some bling'n photos on my phone, but have been too involved with other things. Have been using a lot of bling at several Art Parties I've conducted at Glen Echo Park. Kids love the bling, no surprise. This isn't bling, but I believe I found a way to recycle our extra ceramic tile (from a previous bathroom renovation.) Will be using these later today in an art sessions for adults at Easter Seals--- We'll be using the tiles as a canvas for our artwork with Sharpie markers and here's more recycling--

    I have a bunch of puzzle pieces, old map puzzles and others to use as a starting point for individuals to draw/trace around to begin their design. They can add to the outline and copy the outline, and do whatever they like. I'll have to post a few samples.


    2/15/2015. I just noticed that I started this Blingblog a year ago. I need to get up to date with my bling'n. I just uploaded a photo of an old intricate earring. I'll back up to fill in the whole story...

    About three weeks ago Dave was walking in Rock Creek Park and took a fall. He was by himself, I was out at a movie (Inherent Vice) and my phone was turned off. Fortunately he had his phone, he called 911, and also someone came along and called the Park Police. The same person ended up flagging down the EMTs because they couldn't find him in the remote area-- into the woods. He went to GWU Hospital and had surgery the next day--plates and screws- metalwork, what else. He's been recuperating and actually doing very well-- he went from a cast and walker to a boot and crutches at his 2 wk follow up dr appt. He's written all about the fall on Facebook.

    I was sent to the transmission place because our regular mechanic advised me that there was a transmission leak (i thought i was smelling gasoline) and I needed to take care of the leak, and service our transmission ....yada yada yada. After I picked up my car from the transmission place, I stopped at the food store (each trip away from the house is a coordinated effort-- making sure Dave is situated, food, drink, etc., and dog has her mid-day med...), and then was driving home. Thats when CHECK ENGINE light came on. I called the transmission place in the morning and they said to come by. When they were checking the 'code' for the CE light I found the earring in the dirt in the driveway. The code was for Knock Sensor. So, had to go back to our mechanic...just a few doors away...and was told not to worry about it. Knock some sense...

    ok, anyway, I'm (yet again) putting off doing our taxes, but its been hectic, of course.

    It will get done eventually. Since I've written I've been to the UK visiting my niece and new great niece w/my sister and old friend too...We were in Yorkshire County and even ventured to Liverpool. Among other things, I really enjoyed scouting around for antiques, old postcards, maps, and new to me-- cigarette cards (like miniature postcards.) I've been using some of these items with my senior art sessions/ and artist residency- including antique items to draw (nutcrackers, grinder/graters and more) and to make prints. We're assembling our art and more into cigar boxes. Yes, the bling too of course. I also found some great art supplies on the trip--interesting to visit their art supply stores and I bought up all the encaustic paint I could find, along with hake brushes-for encaustic painting, and oilsticks.

    Preparing now for my exhibit "In Appreciation," at The Stone Tower at Glen Echo Park which opens on 4/4. A reception is planned for 4/11. Still going on is Poetic Energetic at the Howard County Center for the Arts. JAN 16 - 27, 2015. Poetic Energetic. Mixed media and encaustic paintings from Stanley Agbontaen, Nico Amortegui (MALO) and Marcie Wolf-Hubbard.

    I may be on tv this week as they are filming a segment from Poetic Energetic...stay tuned!

    New venue for my work! The Museum Store at the Katzen Arts Center at American University Museum.

    NEW NEW NEW!!! I have several encaustic paintings at the Busboys & Poets, Takoma!

    Well, gotta get back to work! Bling it on!


    3/4/2015. Anxious to see what will happen w/the snow tomorrow. I'm ready to start my Exploring Encaustic and Mixed Media Classes at The Smithsonian tomorrow, (looks like both the day and evening classes are full!) BUT, the snow will probably get in the way. Back to bling'n...well, in my experience, snow has been good for bling'n. I'm talking about finding bling in the snow, after it melts. So, I have a bling prediction. Whatever keeps you going.

    I just added the painting "From a Vessel," to my images above. The neat thing is, I was able to use the coins (from jewelry) in the painting. I made coin impressions in the encaustic, then used oilstick over the impressions. In my bling (and hazarai- (from Peopleofthebook blog---random assortment of stuff, or junk) which I've collected for the class) I have a couple old coins from England. They're pretty old and worn out (smooth) but I'm taking the less worn out ones for the Encaustic class.


    5/6/2015. Not much bling'n going on now. I am doing a little collecting of different textures for my Collage & Mixed Media class at The Smithsonian. Bringing in the dry grasses that Dave has just cut from our front lawn. We're using roofing paper, photo paper, cigar boxes, and much of my hazarai. Will be doing more altering photos. Have managed to clean out much of my storage shed and am able to store more of my supplies for art classes, paints, glue, etc.--- since its not freezing. Trying to free up more space in my upstairs office/studio which has become an overflow for all things...So, old drawings which are not any good--- are going/gone. Packed up my show, "In Appreciation,"last week and do need to make more space here and at Pyramid Atlantic- studio. Clutter, be gone. Have presented art workshops recently for different audiences/groups--- Two weeks ago I led an art workshop for Expressive Arts to other Maryland Choices providers (where I'm a provider for Expressive Arts in their Wraparound services). Today will be doing similar art workshop for Leadership Montgomery, and then will be meeting w/my student and practicing still life drawing, facing THE PINEAPPLE challenge. Looking closely at a pineapple you have all kinds of shapes, geometry, patterns, textures. Maybe I'll bring fresh lilacs given to me this week. Talk about aroma.

    Trying my best to take care of Daisy. She's almost 15! Working with the vet to keep her comfortable. She still LOVES going to the park, walking with us, eating, and staying with us. She wears booties to help her with traction. Just not easy getting old.



    Just re-read last entry. Sad, but Daisy is no longer with us. I miss her. Its not the same here, but life goes on. Oh, well, no real 'found' bling, but i have a great source for bling- and she just gave me a large bag'a bling. This included a baggie full of children's rings. I guess I picked it up last SAT. On Sunday, I led a parent and child art workshop at Glen Echo Park (which was pretty amazing- in that one of the Moms from the scheduled class the week before was disappointed that the class had to be cancelled due to low enrollment. She got in touch w/me and Glen echo and she said that she could get enough people for a class...And she did! There were 8 Moms and 9 girls. (She thought it would be Mommy & Me, and actually it was, even though it was open to the public, and everyone is welcome.) I told the girls that I have prizes (another word for BLING) and the girls got to pick out rings. They loved it. Also, extra rings for their Moms. Bling, Swag, whatever you call it. Oh, and I overheard one Mom talking to another at the end of the art session, "This was more relaxing than going to the pool!"

    Well, this isn't bling, but we had a new roof put on earlier this week and I was able to 'score' more roofing paper- to paint on; and some good plywood. Well, score may not be the word, since we did pay for it. Not cheap.
    While the sun's out, I'm going to photograph some of my recent art, including a bird (crow) where I used a photograph of Jim O'Connor's as a reference. Will post on marciewolfhubbard.com.


    In preparation for my Collage & Mixed Media course at the Smithsonian, I'm working on my "Art Manifesto." Its about my take on Mixed Media. I'm fine tuning it now. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Maybe I will put it on this blog...


    Wow, spent the day getting everything ready for the Collage & Mixed Media course and I am also teaching a Mixed Media workshop at an Adult Retirement Community next week. I just uploaded the Bling from the Jewelry store. So nice of the store owner to give me a box of broken watch parts. I had to get watch battery.

    1/1/2016 Bling'n in the New Year!
    Well, not much on the bling front, what comes to mind is I still have a bunch of children's rings that I thought might be worth something--donated bling. They made good 'prizes' for the girls in the 'mommie and me' (parent and child) art class several months ago. Anyway, not sure what else to do with them. Its now January and I have organization on my mind (of supplies, tax stuff, my art/inventory, and I am in an exhibit that opens next week. Personal Panoramas at The City of Takoma Park.

    Personal Panoramas Exhibit Opening

    The Takoma Park Community Center Atrium Gallery
    7500 Maple Avenue
    THURS, JAN 7 at 6:30 PM

    The artists of “Personal Panoramas” zoom-out to home-in on the unnoticed beauty in our everyday environments. Havana’s colorful streets, DC’s cherry blossoms scattered along the Potomac, and the latticed canopy of a forest are a few muses of Allan Akman, Julia Bloom, Kristine DeNinno, Alex Keto, Jacqueline Lee, and Marcie Wolf-Hubbard of “Personal Panoramas.”


    The exhibit opens with a reception on January 7 at 6:30 p.m. and runs until March 7.

    Visit Gallery Exhibits for more on our current exhibit and the galleries at the Takoma Park Community Center.


    Spring is here!

    Looming is the date that I have to leave my studio at Pyramid Atlantic (end of May.) I've shared my studio with Shanthi Chandra-Sekar since JAN 2010. I'm considering my options, including working in my old studio at home. Weighing all things---community, being w/painters, other artists, distance, cost. Regardless, I must do a real cleaning of my upstairs studio (home) and 'get rid of stuff.' Organize. My problem is I have supplies, etc that I use with my classes and I have to be able to get to them. Storage, access, etc.

    Meanwhile--- @the studio. I started using pages from David's old logbook where he's written job sites (art installations, picking up sculpture here, transporting, sculpture conservation etc) from years ago. Reading through the listings I see artists who we've been friends with who have left the area and artists who have died. History.

    Will post some of the art.

    4/8/2016 FRI

    Today I must get ALL in order as I pack my things for teaching a 3 day Encaustic & Mixed Media Painting Workshop at the Watson Homestead Conference & Retreat Center in Painted Post, NY. Bringing so many things--- griddles, heat guns, embossing guns, enough bling, hazarai (Yiddish word for junk, or misc. items I use for mixed media collage), art, encaustic paint, medium, tools, paper, sample art in different stages, etc etc.

    One thing I have not written about is Tanglewood Works, Where Upcycling and Art Connects. The store just won First Place for DC's Best Handmade Home Decor 2016. This is a new venue for my paintings--- it is an awesome store in Edmonston, MD, adjacent to Community Forklift. At Community Forklift you can find old doors, cabinets, roofing paper, hardware. I may be going over there later today to drop off more of books, Poems from Within.

    Well, I better get ON IT...lots to do today. Later, is the art reception for Blossoms of Hope- Columbia Art Center, Howard County, MD.


    4/29/2016 FRI

    Back from NY- the 3 day workshop went really well- Awesome artwork from my participants. Will include in art images. Corning, NY is exciting, and I'm anxious to go back. Watson Homestead Conference & Retreat Center was awesome. So nice to work on art, and then break for a delicious lunch, work until 5pm, then dinner is served. The workspace was huge- and plenty of power- no worries there about blowing circuits! Comfortable room too. For my last night I treated myself to a delicious dinner at The Cellar in Corning.

    Just finished a one day Encaustic & Mixed Media workshop at Yellow Barn, Glen Echo Park. I do feel like it might be best to make it two days...they're just getting started and I'm set up to do more, might as well.


    5/2/2016 MON

    Busy weekend--- Two day mixed media workshop for Mo County All Stars

    Pretty cool artwork! We started with gelli plate printing, and then collaged our work onto old 45's (records!) We'll be exhibiting their art at the Takoma Park Municipal Bldg.


    5/28/2016 Where did all the bling go?

    Just finished a 4 day artist residency at Potomac Elementary School. Will be back next week for a school assembly w/parents. I worked with three third grade classes (93 students) and started off with an introduction to Mixed Media slide show. Very nice to hear from students that they were inspired to begin their artwork. The kids enjoyed painting and mixing it up with photocopies, transparencies, oil pastels, jewelry, acrylics, and simple printmaking using textures. We finished up yesterday and it was especially nice to have my husband (David Hubbard) assist. His sculpture, Night Boat, was commissioned in 2005 by the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County and the Potomac Elementary School PTA. Very happy that Ms. Joyce Bishop, Third grade teacher requested me for their Spring Artist Residency.


    10/20/2016 It has been TOO long

    I thought I'd bring bling it on! up to date, sort of. Lots has happened since 5/28. Actually, David was helping me back in May, on my last day at the elementary school residency. He wasn't feeling well. Soon after, we learned that he had a cancerous tumor in his small intestine. In July he had the Whipple procedure, surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital and fortunately the surgery was a success. He came out of the surgery with part of his pancreas gone, so, that made him a diabetic. He and I have learned about managing diabetes- which is like a science. We were clueless, and now know a little more thanks to the Diabetes Education Class at Holy Cross Hospital. He started chemo in September and has been through three rounds, every other week. He's getting through it, and the Oncology office has been very responsive, and attentive. We still enjoy our walks in Rock Creek Park, and last week we went to the Renaissance Festival, dressed up! David spent time going to thrift stores to help with our costumes. My sister helped a lot in getting everything together and we had a great time at the Festival.

    My two eight session Mixed Media classes just started up again yesterday at The Smithsonian, Smithsonian Associates. Both day and evening classes sold out- with big waiting lists! I think people find Mixed Media liberating, and I'm happy introduce people to my kind of mixed media- and exploring materials, just seeing the possibilities.

    I have a one day Mixed Media Workshop coming up at Glen Echo Park on Oct. 30th. Still space! Tell your friends! Also, I have a children's two session Mixed Media class starting on Nov. 13th for ages 7-15. There's still space!

    This Winter I am working with the Montgomery County Federation for Families and Children's Mental Health to present a 3 day Mixed Media Art Residency. It's free for youth who are dealing with mental health issues. Please email me if you are interested in learning more. This artist residency is funded in part by a grant from the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County.

    I'm busy working on art for a few holiday art shows, and ARTOMATIC is coming up, on November 3rd. This is the first time Artomatic will be in Montgomery County. Park Potomac is going to be a vibrant place!


    NOV 12-15 Strathmore Museum Shoparound


    Fri 10-6, Sat 10-6, Sun 10-4 at the beautiful home of Ingrid & Dennis Barnes

    17007 Barn Ridge Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20906. Tel 301-460-4523

    All handmade art by selected artists in the DC/MD area

    * Light refreshments will be served

    NOV 19 - JAN 8 Holiday Art Show & Sale. Glen Echo Park

    DEC 10 from 10 -4. Takoma Park Holiday Art Show & Sale


    And, new space for Tanglewood Works, an additional popup space in Hyattsville.

    Ok, sort of up to date now!



    It was a world away the last time I posted. The outcome of our election has been an ugly mess...and we don't know what's to come. So many facets of a T. presidency...just make me scared, for all of us, especially minorities, LGBTQ, disabled, well, really everyone will be affected, except the wealthiest. I've said all of this on Facebook, it really means that we have to be active in fighting for what we believe and not sit this out. Speak up, speak out...and do good. And now back to art.

    Artomatic is in full swing, and it is definitely worth the trip with over 350 visual artists. The first Meet the Artists was a success, and there's another Meet the Artists Redux this SAT DEC 3, 7pm-?

    I'm going to make it there, maybe a little late.

    The Holiday Art Show & Sale is going on at Glen Echo Park through - January 8, 2017; and the Takoma Park Holiday Art Show and Sale is coming up on DEC 10th. (10am-4pm).

    More details on my website.


    SOMETHING POSITIVE that's happened the past couple weeks via Artomatic and two of the Holiday Art Sales is that I've gotten to spend time with other visual artist teaching artists. Pretty awesome conversations. We are mostly lone practitioners (do our own thing in different environments) and it was great to have a chance to get to know each other better. Three different artists I'm talking about, Suzanne Herbert-Forton (Fiber, ceramics, mixed media); Tara Holl (Painting, mixed media, glass); and Joanne Miller (Photography.) Hope to spend more time w/these great ladies!



    Nearing the end of the year, yay! I'm taking this afternoon to get some of my paintings in order. (Attaching hardware to two commissions...which worked out well, along with a few new paintings.)


    David has started to sew. He's also felting with wool sweaters, making hats, slippers, and even a pocketbook for me. I've shared the bling, so, he'll have items to embellish his creations. Pretty cool, and it helps to keep him warm.


    What is in store for 2017? We shall see...Rigel is going to Armenia in March with the Peace Corps. I'm happy for him, but will miss him like crazy. We are planning to visit, either late 2017 or in 2018. Several classes are coming up in JAN and FEB---

    JAN 12-13 Drawn into Painting: Drawing, Encaustic (hot wax) + Mixed Media Workshop at Yellow Barn Studios, Glen Echo Park.

    Encaustic and Mixed-Media: Elements of Nature and

    Mixed Media, 1:30pm Collage, Assemblage, and Mixed-Media, 6:pm--both begin JAN 18th at The Smithsonian Associates. The two day Collage and Mixed Media Intensive Workshop on FEB 25 & 26 is sold out.

    February 12th is a one day Mixed Media/Collage Workshop at Glen Echo Park.




    Just added bling from this past week. Our friend found the necklace as he was stepping out of our car for our walk in Rock Creek Park. The boxes were found outside of the Philly Aids Thrift Store yesterday, in Philadelphia. I highly recommend this store for all kinds of stuff. Also, they put boxes out front that you can go through, and its free. I found some old books for collage, and classes. PS, Vegetarians have a lot of choices there...I highly recommend Essene Market & Cafe for great food. I ducked in there yesterday just for coffee (I needed a break), but normally have a meal there. Wonderful selection of food in their hot bar. And, of course there's the Reading Terminal. It was the most crowded I've ever seen. We could not find a seat to eat our lunch (Fake Cheese Steak Sub.)



    We're well into 2017...and that means another Artomatic. Artomatic 2017 Crystal City, Arlington, VA opens 3/24- 5/6. I'm relieved that my work is installed, thanks to my son, Orion. Especially relieved since we're expecting snow- Winter Storm Stella- this week. I'm working on my upcoming exhibit at Politics and Prose, the Den (cafe downstairs.) Dates: 4/10 - 5/7. Art Reception 4/14 from 7-9PM. Last WED I finished a series of Mixed Media classes at The Smithsonian and will start new classes on 4/19. Info on marciewolfhubbard.com.



    Artomatic opened this weekend. It was Fun! Good crowds, nice people, high spirits.

    I hope to go back often. Its a distance, but worth the trip. I have only seen one floor, and there are 7 floors of art. Six Hundred+ artists! Great to meet people face to face, while they're looking at my work. And a good sale too!



    Wow, its been a long time. Have been preparing for another round of classes at The Smithsonian Associates.



    Almost a year since I've bling/blogged. Just finished the Beginning Drawing class at Yellow Barn. We started with still life drawing of natural objects, moved on to man-made, architectural elements (drew outdoors @Glen Echo Park), portraits, and drawing from the figure. Really great work from my students! Will try to update my website w/more pictures. My Smithsonian Mixed Media classes are delving into cool applications of our techniques---collage with photo transfers, mylar and gelatin prints. Summer classes at Smithsonian Associates start July 11th, and sooner at Glen Echo Park & Yellow Barn (June 25th); so, get creative guys!

    Recently completed a tiny house made from paper mache, acrylics, photo transfers and collage. I've gotten pretty fond of the house, and working on more. Look out for a future class for Tiny Houses.


    Earlier this year I presented an Encaustic & Mixed Media workshop at the Columbia Art Center and am scheduled to teach another workshop early August. My art is included in their gift shop, along with art in their current exhibit of Instructors and Student Art.



    Wow, I'm not a big blogger, but thought I'd get back in gear. Just got back from a great artist residency in Lexington, KY at the Encausticastle. It was an incredible experience at the home & studio of Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch. I, along with four other women artists who also work in encaustic (all AWESOME---Joy Amuedo Carol Myers  Leah Macdonald and Jennifer Oliveira-Florio) got to spend two weeks on our art and exploring Lexington, KY. Great to share info about resources, vendors, colors, tools, techniques--and see how everyone else works w/Encaustic.

    Cool was to walk around the neighborhoods including North Limestone....learning about art, readings, flea markets, acorns, magnolias...and everything else. Just being in the right frame of mind was key. Here's some of the highlights---Readings at The Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning from the 2018-2019 KENTUCKY GREAT WRITERS SERIES--- Leesa Cross-Smith, Whiskey & Ribbons
    Carrie Mullins, Night Garden
    J.D. Wilkes, The Vine That Ate the South

    Very cool!

    Ouita Micheal's restaurants (got to two of them, Honeywood and Windy Corner Market & Restaurant) recommend eating outside near the horses in the field.

    I'll be updating my website, marciewolfhubbard.com with images from my residency. (look for nature and natural in my painting.)

    Saturday Farmers market

    New Editions Gallery

    Peddlers Mall -flea market, where my friend Amy and I -visiting from Evansville, IN, spent hours indoors on a beautiful day--sifting through all kinds of old papers, books, etc. that'll make its way into art for me and my students.

    Life Drawing (two friends!)

    well, and of course, Bourbon.


    Yes, its 2020 and I don't think I've written at all in 2019!

    JAN 10, 2020

    Just a quick re-read about my previous post about my EncaustiCastle AIR. What a great experience that was! I have visited Leah Macdonald from the AIR for her exhibit 11/2018, and we co-taught a three day workshop in June 2019. We're scheduled to teach again this June (Fantastic Figurative Philadelphia Weekend) so I am looking forward to that.

    My family is expanding with a new daughter-in-law and getting to know her family better. Really nice!

    One cool thing was working more on my tiny houses and teaching classes on making tiny house sculptures. I created one for my new daughter-in-law as a bridal present.
    ok, well, going to get some 2020 exercise...walking in my favorite place Rock Creek Park.

    AUG 15, 2020

    Has been a crazy year. Coronavirus, COVID19 has messed with our lives. But, have had to re-focus, and dreaded word, PIVOT, to the new normal.

    Anyway, here I am blingin again. I am going to start a new mixed media class:

    Virtual Mixed Media/Collage & “Deep Dish” Art in a week.

    That means more focus on assemblage, 3D. This past Spring/Summer, I've had virtual classes in mixed media, drawing, and Building Tiny Houses. More of that on my website. marciewolfhubbard.com

    and some great virtual Tiny Home tours (Spring & Summer.)

    So, onward. If anyone is reading this---- Stay safe my friends.









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